Bilateral team research Quebec-China


Competition year :



Deadline (notice or letter of intent) :


Deadline (application) :

June 30th, 2015, 11:59 PM


Amount :

20 000$/ year


Duration :

2 years


Announcement of results :

October 2015


Program rules

Notice concerning the submission of an application

Following an agreement made with the NSFC, we inform you that a researcher may deposit in the framework of the two FRQNT-NSFC collaborative programs, only one application, or in the " Bilateral team research Québec-China" program or in the "Short term exchanges Québec-China" program. The same researcher cannot apply in each program.



The objective of the program is to support innovative bilateral team research projects involving Quebec and Chinese scientists and focusing on two priority research areas:

  • Geology and climate change ***
  • Optics and photonics

The program aims to foster knowledge translation and to encourage major scientific breakthroughs in the short and medium terms by combining and potentiating the strengths and sources of structural leverage of the team members.

*** This topic covers research projects on external geodynamics under the influence of climate.

This includes:

• Knowledge of the past, the present and the future of climate and its influence on the water circuit

• Knowledge of climate regimes, terrestrial hydrosystems and cryosystems

• The influence of human beings on natural resources in a context of climate change

• The influence of climate on terrestrial disturbance regimes (e.i. fires, landslides, etc)

Do you have questions?

Laurence Martin Gosselin

Program Manager


418 643-8560 ext: 3455


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