Quebec-Flanders Bilateral Research Cooperation Program


Competition year :



Deadline (application) :

May 15th, 2015, 11:59 PM


Amount :

100 000$/year


Duration :

2 years


Announcement of results :

December 2015



The Program aims to contribute to the development and the excellence of Québec-Flanders university and scientific cooperation in selected topics. It also aims to foster intersectoral and interdisciplinary research crossing at least two research sectors falling under FRQNT, FRQS or FRQSC. The following scientific topics are prioritized:

- Demographic changes, aging and well-being
- Sustainable development
- Sea & inland waterways governance/valorization
- Natural resources: forestry, mining, energy and food production
- Northern development
- Small and medium enterprises


CV presentation for Quebec researchers

To check for conflicts of interest, all PIs (supervisors) must complete an electronic resume in the digital platform of E-loket FWO.

CAUTION: The Quebec supervisor must only complete the sections "Personal details" and "Publications" of the E-loket profile.

Each member of the Quebec team must upload directly into the electronic form a Canadian Common CV (PDF) in the format of the research fund to which he / she is associated (FRQNT, FRQSC. FRQS).


Information documents