New strategic initiatives for innovation


Deadline (application) :

Any time


Amount :

Up to $300,000


Duration :

Maximum 3 years




The Strategic initiatives for innovation programm is subject to a moratorium until March 31st 2016.
The SII program aims to:
  • facilitate the pooling of academic (university, college), government and industry expertise with a view to enhancing innovation and meeting the needs of research users;
  • foster the development of partnerships for innovation between academic research institutions (universities and colleges) and research users;
  • support the transfer of knowledge and technology to user partners (government and industry);
  • assist in the development and realization of a targeted research project identified by the group and the research users, with the objective of obtaining research results that meet the needs of users and foster innovation within their organizations;
  • contribute to the training of a highly qualified workforce.


Program rules that prevail are those within the PDF.

Program rules (PDF)