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Description of Service

This website provides users with the most up-to-date information possible about the scholarship and grant programs of the FRQNT. It also presents the recent activities of the FRQNT in the form of news articles, research findings in the form of scientific bulletins, and information about the mission, strategic orientations and partnerships of the FRQNT. Finally, the site provides an overview of Québec research in fields of health sciences.


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Links to Other Websites and to PDF Documents

The FRQNT website contains links to various external websites that are not managed by the FRQNT and to PDF documents, some of which are not issued by the FRQNT. When you click on these links or when you open a PDF document, you leave the FRQNT website. When you leave the FRQNT website the following icon shows up http://www.frqnt.gouv.qc.ca/documents/10191/403458/Logo-lien-externe.png/d4503e64-4b19-4191-9342-1089f80e7383?t=1406301518000. The FRQNT has no control over the content, conditions or policies of these websites or on the content of these PDF documents and the fact that they are included on the FRQNT website in no way implies responsibility on the part of the FRQNT, except for the PDF that are issued by the FRQNT and carry its logo. Any personal information you send through these sites will be subject to each of these external websites' personal information protection policy and conditions of use.


The entire FRQNT website is available in French. In the interest of increasing accessibility for a greater number of users, certain sections are also provided in English. Please note that the French version takes precedence in case of discrepancy.


The FRQNT makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information available on its website is accurate, reliable and current.  Portions of the website are updated regularly. However, at any time, some details may not yet reflect recent changes. If this occurs, please contact the Webmaster.

For matters relating to applications for financial assistance and the administration of funding, users are advised to refer closely to, among others, the Common General Rules and the specific rules pertaining to each program.  The general information found on the introductory pages of the website will not provide sufficient understanding of the rules and conditions applicable to the funding programs offered by the FRQNT. Furthermore, in the case of discrepancy between the general information provided on the website and the Common General Rules or the specific rules pertaining to a given program, said rules take precedence.

Use of this website may be interrupted or the site may become inaccessible or inoperable, for any reason, including material failure, maintenance or repairs, virus or other cyber-attack, causes beyond the control of the FRQNT or causes that could not be reasonably foreseen by the FRQNT, or at any other time at the entire discretion of the FRQNT. The FRQNT may not be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by any of these situations. 

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Last update: November 2016