Changes to program rules

July 11th, 2016

The members of the board of directors approved a series of changes to the rules of the 2017–2018 scholarships and grants programs, including:

  • the relaunch in 2017–2018 of the Team research project program, whose impacts in terms of publications and the securing of federal grants were demonstrated during the program evaluation.
  • the reinstatement of the International internships program, which enables strategic clusters to initiate and consolidate student exchanges with laboratories located outside Québec.
  • the reestablishment of the program for college researchers and CCTTs in 2017–2018 with a grant of $32,000/year and the option for the grant holder to apply the funds to course releases or operating expenses. Because the budget envelope remains the same, the success rate of the competition may be lower.

Changes to the Common general rules

At the meeting on June 20, the members of the board of directors adopted changes to the Common general rules. Among the modifications are the recasting of section 5 (awarding and conditions), clarifications to the citizenship and residence requirements (articles 4.3 to 4.5), complete revision of the articles on concurrent grants and parental and sick leaves (articles 6.12 to 6.14) and updates to section 8 on eligible and ineligible expenses and to the statuses (annexe 1).