Measures to support the research-family balance

July 19th, 2017

The research-family balance can be difficult to achieve. All too often, female students and young female researchers are told that they must choose between their academic career and family life. Through the years, in an effort to attract and retain new researchers and especially women, the FRQNT has adopted a series of measures to foster a better balance. Some of the highlights of these measures are described here.

  • Female students who have received an FRQNT grant under the Team Research Project program, New University Researchers Start-up Program, Research Program for College Researchers or Partnership Research Project program are now entitled to an eight-month paid maternity leave.
  • FRQNT award recipients are entitled to an eight-month paid parental leave, which may be extended for up to four unpaid months.
  • The eligibility period of the awards programs and the eligibility of new university researchers may be extended following a parental leave. 
  • Travel expenses for postdoctoral fellows and their families who travel outside Québec at the start and end of the research period will be reimbursed.
  • Eligible expenses for FRQNT grant recipients include dependant care when travelling for scientific activities.

The FRQNT has implemented these measures to help young researchers better balance their family aspirations and professional ambitions. Please refer to the program rules for further details. We welcome your comments and suggestions.