Étudiant-chercheur étoile April 2012

Vincent Demers-Carpentier

PhD student in Chemistry
Université Laval

Award-winning publication: Direct Observation of Molecular Preorganization for Chirality Transfer on a Catalyst Surface

Published in: Science, November 11 2011, volume 334, number 6057, pages 776-780


"Molecular imaging (scanning tunneling microscopy) and computer modelling are used to study the mechanisms of chirality transfer from a chiral molecule to a prochiral molecule on the surface of a metallic catalyst. New understanding resulting from direct observation of the key step of the reaction will allow the development of more economical and less polluting catalytic systems for the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries."

The work presented by Vincent Demers-Carpentier falls within the scope of green chemistry, since the family of reactions under study is both less polluting and more economical than those currently used in industry. This research could have a considerable medium-term impact, given the importance of the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries in modern society.