Étudiant-chercheur étoile August 2012

Dominique Claveau-Mallet

Master's student in Civil Engineering
École polytechnique de Montréal

Award-winning publication: Model of phosphorus precipitation and crystal formation in electric arc furnace steel slag filters

Published in: Environmental Science and Technology, February 7 2012, Vol. 46, Issue 3, pp 1465–1470


"In this article, we propose a model for phosphorus removal mechanisms in slag filters. The usefulness of this model lies in its new approach to defining slag filter treatment performance, which is traditionally modeled by absorption. Three laboratory-scale slag filters were fed for 30 to 630 days. We showed that the rate of crystal growth and water velocity affect the spatial organization of the crystals, which in turn determines the retention capacity of the filter."

This article will have beneficial effects for the environment in the long term. The release of phosphorus to the environment causes significant problems, even at low concentrations. Phosphorus is discharged from many wastewater treatment systems, and upgrading these systems would require major investments. If used, the model under study would substantially decrease slag filter installation costs since their lifespan and removal performance could be established without preliminary testing. Reducing the cost of installing slag filters would make it more feasible to upgrade several types of treatment systems, including septic tanks.