Étudiant-chercheur étoile December 2014

Mathieu Goulet

Mathieu Goulet

Resident researcher in Training in Medical Physics
Université Laval

Award winning publication: Novel, full 3D scintillation dosimetry using a static plenoptic camera

Published in: Medical Physics


"In recent years, plastic scintillators have proven valuable in dosimetry, the measurement of the radiation dose absorbed by an organism or object. Most of the time, scintillators were used as small volume point detectors. Our work presents one of the first uses of a high scintillator volume for the 3D detection of a radiotherapy dose. Computerized axial tomography principles applied to the 3D reconstruction of a scintillation light pattern were developed—a concept that has rarely been explored in dosimetry. Combined with a rigorous mathematical model and efficient software, the performances were shown to be excellent."

There have been significant advancements in radiation therapy technologies over the past few years, but the dosimeters used to ensure the quality of more complex treatment routines did not follow suit. Mathieu Goulet's research paves the way for a new type of dosimeter that can take a 3D measurement of a dosage in real time. The short- and medium-term benefits of the work include better quality control of modern radiation therapy techniques and improved care for cancer patients as a result. In the longer term, the technology's detection capabilities will support the development of new radiation therapy treatment devices and techniques. In fact, the research team plans to bring the technology to the commercial market.