Étudiant-chercheur étoile January 2015

Mathieu Ardyna

Mathieu Ardyna

PhD student in Biology
Université Laval

Award-winning publication: Recent Arctic Ocean sea-ice loss triggers novel fall phytoplankton blooms

Published in: Geophysical Research Letter


"Our article relies on approaches in various fields, including meteorology, oceanography and ecology, to demonstrate how Arctic ecosystems respond to climate change. While phytoplankton blooms in spring and fall at temperate latitudes, in polar regions, blooming only occurs in spring due to the fall sea ice cover. This study reveals the significant increase in the number of fall phytoplankton blooms in the Arctic Ocean. These new blooms, which coincide with delayed ice cover formation and the ocean surface's increased exposure to fall winds, indicate that the Arctic Ocean could shift from a polar environment to a boreal one. This fundamental change could profoundly impact Arctic marine ecosystems."

Mathieu Ardyna's findings challenge governments, industries and the public. In an effort to ensure the broadest possible dissemination of the results, the student-researcher plans to write a news article for a wider audience. In the short term, the conclusions will change the scientific community's perception of current knowledge on the response of Arctic marine ecosystems to climate change. In the medium and long terms, the study will pave the way for research to determine how this major change will impact the carbon cycle and Arctic ecosystems.