Étudiant-chercheur étoile January 2018

Jérôme Lapointe

Researcher at COPL - Université Laval, Ph.D. in Engineering Physics
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Award-winning publication: A simple technique to overcome self-focusing, filamentation, supercontinuum generation, aberrations, depth dependence and waveguide interface roughness using fs laser processing

Published in: Scientific Reports, Nature


Most issues related to laser processing, such as self-focusing or filamentation, have been resolved but rely on complex and costly methods that cannot be used simultaneously. The new method developed by Jérôme Lapointe not only addresses several important laser processing challenges simultaneously but is also simple and costs less than $1. The technique is driven by the addition of a filter in front of the lens to generate two thin laser beams focalized. Besides potentially making laser surgeries more exact, the new technique could reduce errors when cutting electronic microchips.