Étudiant-chercheur étoile July 2012

Dominique Laroche

PhD student in Physics
Université McGill

Award-winning publication: Positive and negative Coulomb drag in vertically integrated one-dimensional quantum wires

Published in: Nature Nanotechnology, Vol 6, No 12, pp 793–797, December 2011


"In this article, we present an installation of two vertically-coupled quantum wires with independent contacts, allowing their electron densities to be tuned independently, separated by a barrier of only 15 nm; a first in the field. We measured the Coulomb drag between the wires and observed a negative drag in two regimes: one at low electronic density when the drag wire is depleted, and one at higher electronic density when both wires are conducting."

The data presented in this article could be important for the development of more powerful computers. According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors in integrated circuits doubles every two years. The results of this experiment could be taken into consideration in the fabrication of these circuits. Furthermore, Coulomb drag could help to solve one of the major challenges facing the miniaturization of electronics used in computer design: the overheating of integrated circuits. In summary, the results of this work could have a great influence on computer technology and a significant impact on many aspects of modern society.