Étudiant-chercheur étoile July 2014

Alexandre Bigot, étudiant-chercheur étoile, FRQNT

Alexandre Bigot

PhD student in Biomedical Engineering
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Award winning publication: Magnetic Resonance Navigation of a Bead Inside a 3-Bifurcation PMMA Phantom Using an Imaging Gradient Coil Insert

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 30, 3, 2014


"Until now, it was possible to precisely guide a bead towards the left or the right side of a channel junction. Our article demonstrates that we are now able to maneuver a bead along three consecutive channels using a magnetic resonance imaging scanner. In practice, the findings indicate that it may be possible to deliver drugs to diseased areas located deep inside an organ. Carried out in collaboration with a medical team led by Dr. Gilles Soulez at Hôpital Notre-Dame, our research has the double advantage of constituting an engineering and a clinical approach. By working closely with the experts,we were able to directly address the medical and clinical constraints and fully understand the needs of physicians."

The increase in the number of cancer diagnoses has fostered the development of new treatments that are more targeted and more efficient. Therapeutic particleguiding is a growing research field that could transform cancer care and treatment. By minimizing the impacts of the drugs on the body through the better targeting of cancerous cells, it is possible to increase the dose of a medication and preserve the adjacent organs. The research opens the door to new treatment options that are less invasive and faster acting at a lower cost and with fewer side effects.