Étudiant-chercheur étoile May 2013

Ibrahima Ka

PhD student at Energy Materials Research Center
Institut national de recherche scientifique (INRS)

Award-winning publication: Pulsed laser ablation based direct synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotube/PbS quantum dot nanohybrids exhibiting strong, spectrally wide and fast photoresponse

Published in: Advanced Materials, 24, 6289-6294


"The development of nanohybrids (NH) using chemical methods requires surface treatments that often impact the optoelectronic properties of the nanomaterials and limit the performances of the devices in which they are implemented. My synthesis approach makes it possible to create a range of NH without any partially destructive treatments, significantly simplifying the direct integration of NH into devices and circumventing the complex micro/nanofabrication steps. The NH produced using the method yield remarkable photoconduction properties (potential photoresponse increase of up to 1 350%) and a photoconductor device response time that is up to 10 000 times faster than that of devices made from NH synthesized in solution."

Energy consumption and data processing speeds drive today's socioeconomic issues, and we are constantly searching to develop more effective nanomaterial- and NH-based devices to meet these needs. The quick response time of the NH developed by Ibrahima Ka will lead to applications in the health and safety sector and in the rapid transformation of optical signals into electronic signals. The excellence and originality of the RD results earned Ms. Ka front-page coverage in the prestigious scientific journal Advanced Materials.