Étudiant-chercheur étoile October 2016

Sven Badoux

Postdoctoral fellow in Physics
Université de Sherbrooke

Award-winning publication: Change of carrier density at the pseudogap critical point of a cuprate superconductor

Published in: Nature



When energy is converted into electricity, there are significant losses associated with transmission through the conductors. One way of getting around the problem is to use superconductor materials, which can transmit electricity without loss, at ambient temperature. Sven Badoux and his team have taken a step in that direction by bringing to light the basic principles of a phase responsible for the superconductivity of copper oxides—or cuprates—at very high temperature. By discovering the basic signature of copper oxides, Sven Badoux has opened the door for superconductor performance improvement, bringing us one step closer to the use of superconductors at ambient temperature.