Étudiante-chercheure étoile December 2015

Marie Filteau

Postdoctoral fellow in Biology
Université Laval

Award-winning pulication: Systematic identification of signal integration by protein kinase A

Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States


Marie Filteau and her team have set out an innovative approach to test the effect of each gene on protein kinase A (PKA) regulation. PKA has many functions within the cell, including carbohydrate and lipid metabolism control. The researchers were able to target some 500 genes that directly or indirectly influence PKA and demonstrated that PKA controls many of the cellular processes that regulate it. The findings also help elucidate PKA regulation in yeasts and molds. Currently, there are very few antifungals that fight pathogens, which represent increasing costs for the health system and agricultural sector. A better understanding of PKA regulation and its differences in yeasts and mammalian cells opens new avenues for antifungal agent development.