Étudiante-chercheure étoile October 2013

Magali Gauthier

PhD student in Energy and Materials Science

Award-winning publication: A low-cost and high performance ball-milled Si-based negative electrode for high-energy Li-ion batteries

Published in: Energy & Environmental Science, 2013(6), 2145-2155


"In recent years, researchers in the field of lithium (Li-ion) batteries have sought to replace the graphite used as anode material (the negative pole of the battery) with silicon, which can store ten times more lithium. My study demonstrated that it was possible to do away with the nanometric silicon particles that ensure the proper functioning of the silicon electrodes and which are costly and complex to produce, as well as possibly toxic. Our results showed that micrometric nanostructured silicon will yield the same properties as nanometric particles without any of their drawbacks."

Today, electric energy storage and the development of hybrid and electric vehicles constitute key economic, social and environmental challenges. Magali Gauthier's work is in line with the research efforts carried out to meet these challenges and aims to design silicon electrodes that will significantly increase the energy density of Li-ion batteries using a simple and cost-effective method that is easily transposable to the industrial level. The electrodes developed as part of the project could be made from recycled silicon waste, opening the door to the production of less expensive, more powerful and greener batteries.