Relève étoile Louis-Berlinguet 
November 2018

Shengyun Huang

PhD student at the Energy Materials Telecommunications Research Centre
Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Award-winning publicationHigh-Performance Suspended Particle Devices Based on Copper-Reduced Graphene Oxide Core–Shell Nanowire Electrodes

Published in: Advanced Energy Materials


During the past decade, an energy crisis has been one of the most serious issues facing the world. It is therefore very important to develop sustainable energy conservation and conversion technologies. Smart windows and solar cells have been considered as two of the most promising solutions to energy issues. Although the efficiency depends on a variety of factors, their overall performance strongly relies on the transparent conductive electrodes (TCEs) used. Indium tin oxide based TCEs have been the industrial standard for a long time. However, they have several drawbacks, which are not ideal for next generation optoelectronics. Shengyun Huang's work highlights the bright prospect of these novel TCEs in smart windows as well as a wide variety of optoelectronic devices in general, a projet bringing great economic benefits.