Étudiant-chercheur étoile April 2017

Thierry Villeneuve

MA student in Mechanical Engineering at the Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Université Laval

Award-winning publication: The thermal diode and insulating potentials of a vertical stack of parallelogrammic air-filled enclosures

Published in: International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer


The research conducted by Thierry Villeneuve and his co-authors has revealed that a wall of stacked air-filled enclosures has a strong insulation potential comparable to that of other widely used insulating materials. Coring polystyrene panels to create cavities could help save a significant amount of materials and still preserve excellent insulating properties. From the environmental and economic perspectives, the development of a cored polystyrene panel that provides the same level of insulation as a full panel is an undeniably interesting concept, leading to much lower material costs and greater energy efficiency. If we are able to construct a building using less insulating material, we will help reduce our ecological footprint and work towards a net zero building objective for a more sustainable society.