Swine and Poultry Infectious Diseases Research Centre



Mariela Segura


Cécile Crost


Département pathologie et microbiologie - Université de Montréal
Faculté de médecine vétérinaire, Campus de St-Hyacinthe
3200, rue Sicotte
Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec) J2S 2M2
450 773-8521, ext. 0050



Researchers: 34

Students and postdoctoral fellows: 100


The mission of the swine infectious disease research centre (CRIPA) is to contribute actively to the battle against swine infectious diseases through a multidisciplinary approach integrating recent findings that infections being encountered at production sites with increasing frequency are of mixed nature and thus involve simultaneous or consecutive interactions of more than one pathogen. Viral infections in particular have increased over recent years, increasing the burden on the host immune system and thereby opening the door to bacterial infections of greater severity.

The main research objectives of the CRIPA are to increase understanding of the mechanisms involved in the complex interactions of the host with viruses and bacteria of fundamental significance to the pork industry (including the zoonotic agents that represent the greatest potential threats to public health) and to apply the knowledge gained to the development of new tools for diagnosis and anti-infectious prophylaxis.

Research Axes

  • Infectious agents
  • Diagnosis, molecular epidemiology and antibiotic resistance
  • Prophylactic anti-infectious measures: vaccines and other alternatives to antibiotic use

*The mission comes from the group's website.