Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis



André-Bernard Charette


Département de Chimie, Université McGill
Otto Maass Chemistry Building
801, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montréal (Québec) H3A 2K6
514 398-1788



Researchers: 44

Students and postdoctoral fellows: 330


CGCC is distinct from all other centres in Québec and Canada by virtue of its core focus on Green chemistry, catalysis, and the evaluation of new processes in terms of environmental impact. It has been created to specifically emphasize on Green initiatives, such as the invention and application of novel forms of catalysis (chemical and biological) combined with the development and use of environmentally safe solvents for various chemical reactions and processes. Through catalysis, which is required in more than 90% of all industrial chemical processes, our members will develop new green tools for the preparation of molecules with specific functions and will simultaneously study the environmental fate and biological effects of these reagents/catalysts that are introduced in the ecosystem. They will create a research environment where all aspects of a "Green" reaction will be scrutinized: from reaction efficacy to potential for environmental effects. 

Research Axes

  • Development of Green Solvents for Synthesis
  • Invention of New Homogenous Catalytic Reactions
  • Development of Readily Recyclable Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions
  • Development of Biochemical Synthetic Methods by Using Nature's Catalysts and Enzymes
  • Tools for Green Molecular Synthesis and Applications
  • Catalytic Transformation of Biomass
  • Evaluation, Commercialization, and Development of Policies

*The mission comes from the group's website.