Becoming a partner of the FRQNT

Partnerships with the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) generally occur through our grant and scholarship programs.

There are two possible avenues to meeting your research and knowledge needs: you can be a part of one of the FRQNT's existing partnered programs, or you can offer a program in partnership with the FRQNT.

 The FRQNT currently offers four programs in which partners from the public, parapublic, community and private sectors may participate.

Targeted Research Partnership Projects

... Projects that generate useful results for partners and positive benefits for Québec.

  • Thematic program funded by pooling the financial resources of the various partners.
  • Active participation of partners in defining research needs and selecting projects for scientific review.
  • Funding of high quality research projects that meet the needs of partners.
  • Rigorous project selection process based on relevance and scientific merit, with conscientious project monitoring and follow-up.
  • Dissemination and transfer of research results to end users.

Support for Innovation Networks

... Sustainable interfaces between researchers and the users of research results.

  • Bringing together university and college experts and research users to resolve the research needs of users in priority areas for Québec.
  • Funded by the FQRNT and network partners through a specific call for proposals by partners and the FRQNT or an initiative from the research setting and partners.
  • Providing partners with privileged access to a diverse pool of expertise.
  • Providing users with a privileged opportunity to express their research and development needs.
  • Knowledge and technology transfer, in addition to valorization and commercialization of the results.

Strategic Initiatives for Innovation (ISI)

... The first steps in the development of a new field, allowing Québec to position itself in a cutting-edge research sector.

  • Developing partnerships aimed at innovation and technology transfer between research institutions (universities and colleges) and users of research results (industry and government).
  • Continuing or completing a targeted research project to obtain research results that meet the needs of users with a view to enhancing innovation within their organization.
  • Initiated by the research setting and partners, who must submit a letter of intent to the FRQNT.

Grant and scholarship programs offered in partnership, covering themes or sectors related to your concerns. Here are some examples :